MSB Licence Student in Business Administration & Google Student Ambassador MENA Region
leftboquette-p3 years ago, I enrolled at MSB. To say the least, I was never expecting that decision to open up so many opportunities for me and to change my life in so many ways; I was selected to become a Coca-Cola scholar, go to the U.S. and study for 3 weeks at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. I was also selected as Google Student Ambassador (MENA Region) and now creating a set of Google Student Clubs across Tunisia. None of this would have been possible without the lessons professors of MSB taught me and the continuous encouragements of faculty and staff members.rightboquette-p
Licence in Business Management – Major in Finance
leftboquette-pI chose MSB because, first I wanted to pursue my studies abroad but I was not ready to face such a challenge. So I looked for a university in Tunis that would provide a good quality education and a network of professionals.rightboquette-p
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