The Licence program is:



A 3-year common core program



Divided into 6 semesters on a full-time basis (~20 hours per week)



With the possibility to choose a major during the third year (Finance, Marketing…)

During this thought-provoking three-year program, our students learn about the various fields of business management and acquire the necessary background in economics and law, complemented by the fundamentals of math and statistics applicable to the different management domains.

Learning about liberal arts and humanities gives students an important understanding of these fields and their links to the management discipline. Through this, students can access business in a wider context and develop different ways of thinking.

Students develop presentation, communication and research skills, as well as gaining fluency in foreign languages. Group work and collective projects are an integral part of the program, allowing students to gain insights into working as a team with people all over the world, both face-to-face and digital technology.

We believe that theory is nothing without practice, so the validation of two summer internships and/or social impact projects is a part of the graduation requirements. They provide the opportunity for students to bring their learned concepts and techniques to life.

MSB License in Business Administration courses are designed to develop three main skills that are essential for professional success: Analytical Tools, Functional Areas of Business and Soft Skills.


Key Information
date9 months full-time
calendrierDates and deadlines:
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Please note online registration in advance is essential and places are limited, so if you wish to attend, please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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