Freshmen students arriving after completing their secondary education (Baccalaureate) are enrolled in a two-year foundational program common to all engineering specializations. This pre-engineering program provides a basic foundation in the fundamental sciences, engineering basics, and computer and communication skills. It is designed to prepare the students for the challenging demands of the engineering specializations that will follow.

The pre-engineering program offers students the chance to delay by several semesters their decision as to what branch of engineering to follow.

More specifically, the two-year curriculum includes broad training in Mathematics, Sciences (Physics and Chemistry), Engineering Basics (programming, digital systems, electric circuits, networks), Effective communication skills, and social sciences and humanities.

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Key Information
date6 days
Course Starts
January 24th, 2019

Please note online registration in advance is essential and places are limited. If you wish to attend, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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First year student MSB
leftboquette-pThanks to MSB I have experienced a tremendous exchange program at IE Madrid University, by meeting extraordinary people from all over the world and by contributing to tons of social projects.
IE Madrid is an amazing university located in a vibrant city where everything is worth your time and energy.
Much more than an academic achievement, it was a human experience full of discoveries where you can forge links stronger than any cultural or ethnical boundary.
I was proud to represent both my country and the Mediterranean School of Business.
Do not hesitate to perpetuate our exchange program traditions.
Go for it.rightboquette-p
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I am concerned !

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