Are you tired of seeing trash thrown in the park behind our university building? THE BIG APPLE are proposing a solution that will make our little neighborhood a better place. 


THE BIG APPLE are looking for volunteers that are willing to participate in cleaning the park behind the MedTech area every other Friday for approximately one hour. Helpers will benefit of a 40% discount from on all orders placed on the day they help. They will also provide SMU volunteer students with gloves and trash bags.

Bring your friends and anyone who wants to be part of this charitable activity. The objective is to have, by the end of this year, a clean park where everyone can enjoy having lunch, coffee, or simply a pleasant walk with friends.  If the first step which is cleaning the space goes well, measures will be taken to improve the benches, add tables and even a swing in our park. Interested volunteers should go directly to THE BIG APPLE every other Friday and talk to the coffee shop owners Imen or Moez.


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