Who we are

Advising and Counseling Center (ACC) provides academic advising and individual counseling to current MedTech students.

The ACC staff works with members of the University to assist you resolve academic as well as psychological issues.

It will assist you in developing interpersonal skills to help you grow personally, and build more satisfying relationships with friends and family. The ACC will help with other mental health and psychological issues, and will assist you in finding appropriate on and off campus resources.

Things to talk about to your counselor can be related to anxiety, depression, academic performance, self-esteem, stress, study skills, family issues, uncertainty, etc. Services are provided by a licensed counselor.

How does it work?

Students can be referred to ACC by:

  • Student Affairs office
  • A faculty member
  • A staff member
  • Self-referral

The counselor at ACC will assess the student’s needs and will work with him/her on setting specific and tailored treatment goals. Counselor will decide the number of weekly sessions to meet with student, which will not exceed 6. If a student needs more sessions, he/she will be referred to an off campus professional.

After a thorough assessment, the counselor will provide helpful information and advice about the student’s concern(s). Not all students who visit ACC for counseling will be seen on an ongoing basis at ACC. After a clinical consultation, a number of possible outcomes may occur, including but not limited to the following:

  • The student may apply the information and advice received on his or her own, and plan to contact ACC again if additional services are needed or the student’s attempts are unsuccessful.
  • A maximum of 6 counseling sessions per semester may be offered.

The student may be referred to other student support services available at MEDTECH, such as the Career Office, Student Affairs Office, MEDTECH Student Success Program (offers peer to peer tutoring), MEDTECH Student Mentoring Program (L3 students mentor L1 students and share tips for a more successful experience on campus).

  • Center for Educational Access: not created yet), to better address a student’s specific needs.
  • The student may be referred to professionals and health care providers in the community for additional consultation or ongoing mental health treatment services or psychiatric services.


  • MSB and MedTech students can receive care and counseling services at ACC.
  • MSB UPM Students can receive academic advising at ACC

Services offered

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Individual academic advising sessions
  • Weekly group sessions or/and workshops related to specific topics.
  • Outreach programs to raise awareness about certain mental health and academic issues and improve self-care.

Contact ACC: To schedule an appointment, you can contact us on acc@smu.tn