MSB now offers a variety of new short-term professional training programs and seminars. Among these is the first edition of the Digital Marketing seminar. Taught in the French language, this three-day program is an introduction to the world of Digital Marketing focusing on building a strategy in a field of constant change. The course was given by Prof. Ishraf Zaoui,  holder of a PhD in Marketing and information Systems from Université Pierre Mendès-France (Grenoble II) and Founder of DigiAct, a Consultancy firm in Lyon. A second edition will take place at MSB in Spring 2018.


Upcoming seminars also include “Finance Pour Les Non Financiers’ a three-day course targeting executives, engineers and managers who are not specialized in accounting and financial matters but who are required to use financial information and/or interact with accounting and financial departments. The seminar will be taking place at MSB from April 16th to April 18th.

Learn more about MSB’s Seminars here : https://msb.tn/En/seminars_60_203

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