Student organizations such as clubs and associations play an essential role in student growth during college years. Being involved in a student organization can be important not only to attitude toward studies and academic learning but can either make or break a student’s experience. At SMU, being involved in Student Life is a unique and life changing experience helping students build and maintain strong friendships, as well as boost their confidence, communication, time management, and leadership skills.  The knowledge set and large network they will gain as active members in Student Life will help them both in their academic and, eventually, their professional careers.
Many Student Clubs at SMU are currently looking for engaged and pro-active students to join their teams. Join one and not only will you build friendships that will last a lifetime, you will also get access to opportunities you won’t find anywhere else!


To learn more about SMU Student Life, please contact Student Life Coordinators Sarra Snoussi at sarra.snoussi@msb.tn; Yassine Chaouch at yassine.chaouch@medtech.tn; or Ines Khiari at ines.khiari@medtech.tn.


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