• finance-track

    Finance Track

    South Mediterranean University is the first and only CFA recognized University in Tunisia. Our Master program in Management “Specialization in Finance”, has been acknowledged by the CFA Institute as incorporating

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  • marketing-track

    Marketing Track

    Marketing is a holistic approach that aims to assess market and business situations, analyze trends, identify and describe potential

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  • supply-chain

    Supply Chain

    Supply Chain and Operations Management is about planning, scheduling, managing, and controlling all the resources which contribute to making product(s) and/or providing service(s).

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  • business-analytics-track

    Business Analytics Track

    This specialization aims to prepare future Business Analysts and Managers to acquire, develop, and apply skills, knowledge, techniques

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  • double-master-degree-eada-spain

    Double Master Degree EADA Spain

    MSB-EADA Dual Degree program provides students with the opportunity to complete the MSB MBM degree and a Master’s from EADA in Barcelona, Spain.

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