Yes. MedTech is authorized by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education. The Engineering Diploma released by MedTech is recognized nationwide.

MedTech was officially launched on June 13, 2014. It welcomed its first cohort of freshmen undergraduate engineering students in September 2014. It organized its first successful Continuing Education seminar in November 2014 on Big Data. MedTech’s founders include a large number of Professionals, Academics, and institutional investors who share the conviction that modernizing engineering education is essential to economic growth and to prosperity in Tunisia and the region.

MedTech offers a diverse set of engineering programs focused on emerging and in-demand areas. The engineering program is mainly composed of: a two-year pre-engineering cycle and a three-year specialization. Three diplomas are currently available: Renewable Energies Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering. Industrial engineering is planned to be launched soon.

MedTech is building a large network of partners, both locally and internationally, in order to strengthen and diversify its educational offerings, promote its research programs, and provide its students and staff with opportunities for networking, collaboration, and personal and academic growth.

  • The University of Michigan Dearborn #4 American Public School
  • The Center of Research and Energies technologies at Borj Cedria (
  • UPC Renewables, North Africa

MedTech offers a Modern teaching methods, highly qualified professors, PhD holders from world-class universities, State of the art facilities and laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Renewable Energy and computer labs) as well as well-rounded training in Business Management, Governance and Ethics. And also partnerships with international universities.

Academic Programs

Training is delivered over four semesters after a common core program of 2 years shared with other engineering programs. Two semesters in the final 18 months before graduations are spent in a Coop program working on an approved final project at a local or international industrial partner. Which means 9 semesters overall + a final project thesis semester.

Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications Engineering

100% of MedTech professors are PhD holders from renowned universities from the USA, Canada and Europe, such as Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, University of Colorado Boulder, University of California-Davis in the USA as well as University of McGill, and University Of Montreal in Canada, and also University of Paris-VII in France, Tampere University of Technology and University Of Helsinki in Finland, University of Vienna in Austria

MedTech, has just reinforced its network of international partners by signing a comprehensive academic collaboration agreement with one of America’s best ranked universities, the University of Michigan. Having already signed the agreement electronically, Professor William I. Grosky, Chair of the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Michigan, Dearborn and Dr. Marouane Kessentini, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at the same institution visited the MSB-MedTech Campus on Monday, July 6th, 2015 to celebrate and sign this partnership agreement in presence of Dr. Mahmoud Triki, President of the South Mediterranean University and Dr. Khalil Amiri, Dean of MedTech. Being the first of its kind between the University of Michigan and a partner University in Africa or the Arab world, this agreement includes a joint 3+2 program allowing students who complete 3 years at MedTech and who meet the admission requirements of University Michigan, to complete the last two years of their engineering education in the USA. At the end of the five years, students earn the Engineering Diploma from MedTech and a Master Degree from the University of Michigan. Furthermore, and thanks to this agreement, MedTech students can enjoy an 80% reduction in the difference between out of state and in-state tuition fees. The agreement opens important opportunities for the exchange of faculty and students and defines simplified procedures for outstanding MedTech graduates to join the Master program at the University of Michigan after completing their studies in Tunisia.

Both specializations have a rich subject content and literally open great perspectives to High-Tech Industries. With a slight difference in the junior year of engineering school and more important difference during senior and final years.

Computer Systems curriculum covers the important areas of networks, hardware and embedded systems, computer architecture and signal processing, digital system design, algorithms… Focus is also placed on the design of general purpose computers, networks, and embedded and integrated systems.

Whereas, Software Engineering program provides engineering students with a solid training in the theoretical and technical aspects of reliable high-performance software systems. The program is built on a solid foundation in the general areas of hardware and software systems and networks, and includes advanced training in software process and management, software architecture and design patterns, and software quality assurance. Graduates of the software engineering program are in high demand by local and international firms specializing in software development, system integration, migration and maintenance and professional opportunities in Big Data, Cloud, Mobile Security, IoT, Application, Web…

Yes. Masters at MedTech are certificate programs. Moreover, MedTech is preparing to offer soon in the future certification programs in CISCO, JAVA, National Instruments

MedTech offers a Master in Systems and Software Engineering (MSSE) which combines a solid training in software engineering with systems engineering concepts and techniques. Guided by professors who are both recognized researchers and industry experts, the MSSE is a challenging curriculum offering the option to specialize in the important areas of: Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (Big Data) / Mobile Software Engineering / Financial System Engineering.

MSB-MedTech Executive seminars are conducted by Highly qualified professors in a highly stimulating and dynamic environment that is conducive to intellectual and technical growth and maturity. In addition to a unique learning experience that combines up-to-date management skills and exposure to the international business environment, participants also benefit from ideal and lucrative networking opportunities: GEST & Big Data / PAGE for Board Members

Admission and Fees

Yes. Applications are accepted online on a rolling basis. Please, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hrs.
Apply today (
We are also reachable per E-mail: or by phone (+216) 71 19 44 44.

A candidate will be required to take MedTech online one-hour TOEFL English test online and Math’s test.

A Tunisian Baccalaurate, or international equivalent, in the following specializations: Mathématiques, Sciences Expérimentales, Informatique, Technique.
A minimum “Moyenne” of 12/20 in the Baccalauréat National Exam.
Proficiency in the English language as demonstrated by a minimum score in the MedTech test taken by candidates during the admission interview. Applications who can demonstrate a minimum score in a standardized test need not take the MedTech English Test. This requirement is waived for native English speakers.

The application fee is non-refundable. The fee for the 2016-17 academic year is set at 60TND or 40€ for international applications. If an applicant applies for more than one program, then the incremental fee for additional programs is set at DT 20 or € 15. Fees are payable in cash, credit-card, e-Dinar, or cheque.

The costs are the following:

  • Pre-engineering Classes: 10.000 TND HT (+ 6 percent tax), a total of 10600 TND per academic year
  • Engineering Specialization & Masters: 11.000 TND HT (+ 6 percent tax), a total of 11660 TND per academic year

To promote academic excellence and provide greater access to quality education for outstanding students who do not afford it, MedTech is initiating a number of academic merit scholarships both Partial and Full Scholarships.
There are 4 types of scholarships and students who meet the eligibility criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

SMU Scholars
The SMU Scholarship is available to 10 students each year who specifically demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. This scholarship fully covers the cost of the studies (tuition & books). Furthermore, the successful applicant may be able to receive an additional monthly living stipend in return for part-time employment at SMU.

Excellence without distinction
This scholarship rewards excellent students who are in financial need, and covers the cost of the studies for the entire academic year. The scholarship is funded through the active participation of the private sector, SMU, and the student as follows: 1/3 is funded thanks to the sponsorship of an SMU private partner company, 1/3 is covered by SMU, and the remaining 1/3 is covered in return for student employment on the MSB-MedTech Campus.

Diversity Scholarships
This scholarship aims to attract outstanding students from diverse backgrounds. It consists in a 30% tuition waiver on international tuition costs, thereby bringing them in line with local fees. This scholarship is specific to African students.

Dean’s List Award
This scholarship rewards outstanding academic achievement for all students enrolled at SMU and throughout their tenure on campus. Any student who appears on the Dean’s list for an academic term receives a 30% reduction on the tuition fees for the following term (for the last term of the Licence, the reduction can be applied to the first semester of the Master program).
Besides merit scholarships, students also have access to interest free loans thanks to the convention signed by the South Mediterranean University with a partner bank.

Yes. Our partnership with Zitouna Bank allows a bank loan with 0 interest rates.

MedTech offers to students’ payment plans in the fall and spring terms as an alternative to paying your bill in full at the start of each term.

The plan splits your Fall or Spring semester balance into convenient semester payments, with no interest charged. By budgeting ahead for the upcoming term’s charges, you may be able to reduce the amount of loans needed for the school year.

The Payment plan for the Pre-Engineering Classes is the following:

  • 1000 TND during the pre-registration
  • 5300 TND Payments due September 1 through September 7
  • 4300 TND Payments due January 2 through January 8

The Payment plan for the Engineering Classes is the following:

  • 1000 TND during the pre-registration
  • 5330 TND Payments due September 1 through September 7
  • 5330 TND Payments due January 2 through January 8

Yes. This option is available for applicants who live abroad.

You can take the MedTech online one-hour test. The minimum score for admission at MedTech-MSB Testis 60% or higher. Otherwise, the following minimum scores: IELTS: 5.5/ TOEFL PBT (Paper-based): 563/ TOEFL IBT (Internet-based): 70.

Contact the site administrator where you have made an application to attend.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on +216 70 016 100 Ext: 309 or per email:

A full list of MedTech’s Contacts is to be found on the following link

Who to Call

Faculty profiles can be found in the online database at [Link to Directory of Professors]

Each degree program has a curriculum manager that will be able to assist. For reference, view the list of faculty members and specialization leads.
Contact the SMU Campus where you can you can be redirected to the right staff or faculty member.
For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on +216 71 19 44 44 or per email:
A full list of Staff and Faculty Directory is to be found on the following link

Library or Research-Related Questions

SMU offers a well-equipped library on campus. The use of books and publications is organized by an administrator. Moreover, MedTech students benefit for free from an IBM online Platform of technical use.

If you are interested in a faculty position, either full-time or part-time, please directly contact or send us your application on