Director of Undergraduate & HEC Montreal 2+2 Programs
leftboquette-pLe programme BAA 2+2 MSB – HEC Montréal est une formation d’élite qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de la politique d’excellence de la MSB et de la recherche de partenaires de renommée internationale. La diversité des cultures est un enrichissement aussi bien pour nos étudiants que pour l’équipe MSB. Nous sommes fiers de compter HEC Montréal parmi nos partenaires et souhaitons développer d’autres formes de collaboration avec cette institution pour faciliter à nos étudiants l’accès à des expériences à l’international. rightboquette-p
Professor at MSB & Director of International Programs
leftboquette-pAt MSB, we offer Global Education through our network of partner schools in Europe and the USA, with an upcoming expansion to five continents. This network allows students at MSB to achieve dual degrees and credit transfers, and also to engage in diverse international experiences. You may spend the summer studying International Business at EADA Barcelona or Entrepreneurship at Babson College or a whole semester on exchange at Top Business Schools in Lisbon, Paris, or Washington, D.C.
On campus, we offer international consulting assignments, as well as a strong commitment to internationalization through globally-focused pedagogy, education in English, and an accomplished local and international student body and faculty.rightboquette-p
Professor of management, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
leftboquette-pAddressing the EMBA participants: … When I taught the 04 class in June I realized that there was something special here in Tunis when I walked in at 6.30 P.M. to tell everyone that it was time to go home and they said they wished to stay and complete the exercise. And then seeing you all together 04 and 05 in Djerba, it was even clearer that your appreciation for learning and your creativity to handle new situations was unusual.rightboquette-p
EMBA Visiting Professor & Professor at University of Texas at Dallas
leftboquette-pTeaching the EMBA at MSB has been both enjoyable and stimulating. The students are as good as those at Wharton, and are truly interested in mastering the material. Their language and communication skills are excellent. Their class participation demonstrates their engagement with the material. I always learn something new myself from teaching here, which I consider to be the hallmark of a truly top-tier university. MSB is an outstanding example of what a business school should try to be: intellectual, practical and impactful.rightboquette-p
EMBA Visiting Professor & professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
leftboquette-pI am thoroughly impressed with the Mediterranean School of Business. The students are as good as taught at top US and British business schools. They are so eager to learn, and really appreciate new concepts and ways of thinking. The facilities are first rate: a good amphitheater classroom, and state-of-the art technology. I have benefited greatly by my time at the MSB.rightboquette-p