Zina BEN MILED (Pre Engineering)
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Purdue University, USA
Associate Professor at MedTech

Students have more education and career choices today than ever before. It is an opportune time for creativity and innovation in most specializations and especially in engineering and information technology.

The excitement and commitment that most of the students show towards their education will allow them to successfully take advantage of the widely available career options and it would be my privilege to help them achieve their goals at MedTech

Dr. Khalil Amiri (Pre Engineering)
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Former Dean, Mediterranean Institute of Technology

We believe passionately that when students walk in through the doors of MedTech, they should feel motivated, uplifted, inspired, and challenged to unleash their creative capacities.

Through personalized advising and coaching, our faculty work with students to help them identify and prepare themselves for a future and a life project in line with their passion, talent and the needs of the regional economy and the global business environment.

MedTech student

I had my Baccalaureate with honors (14/20) from “Lycée Menzah 6” and I went to London to study Renewable Energy Engineering. I started studying intensive English then I heard of MedTech, the only English-speaking school that offers a Renewable Energy Engineering specialization.

I visited the school, was very welcomed by the Dean, I appreciated the facilities and now I’m enjoying the pace of study at MedTech and the North-American teaching style. So Why be far away from Tunisia, if I have what I need right here… ?

MedTech student

I had my baccalaureate with Honors from Lycée Pères Blancs. I wasn’t planning to join a private university, but, I was disappointed by the orientation result, I didn’t get into the “INSAT” as I wanted, so I decided to look for other opportunities.

I heard about MedTech as the unique Engineering School in Tunisia, I visited the school and I was fascinated by the Labs, the Facilities and I decided to join the trip. I never regret my choice, I’m enjoying the experience especially the fact that it will allow me to pursue the Renewable Energies Engineering program.

MedTech student, 2nd year

Just like many other students, I was not satisfied with my orientation results, so I decided to consider pursuing my dream outside of the country. I took the SAT exam and my score got me accepted into a nuclear Engineering program abroad. Luckily for me, I have found out about MedTech just a few weeks before leaving and I was amazed: I immediately decided that I want to enroll to its Pre-Engineering Program.

A semester later at MedTech, I feel assured about making the right decision I never thought that I would be able to find an English-speaking program in Tunisia that would give me such a great push in such a short time.

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calendrierDates and deadlines:
Application Deadline
Full-Time: September 15th 2019
Part-Time: Now open
Course Starts
Full-Time: September 23rd 2019
Part-Time: January 30th 2020

Please note online registration in advance is essential and places are limited. If you wish to attend, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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leftboquette-pThanks to MSB I have experienced a tremendous exchange program at IE Madrid University, by meeting extraordinary people from all over the world and by contributing to tons of social projects.
IE Madrid is an amazing university located in a vibrant city where everything is worth your time and energy.
Much more than an academic achievement, it was a human experience full of discoveries where you can forge links stronger than any cultural or ethnical boundary.
I was proud to represent both my country and the Mediterranean School of Business.
Do not hesitate to perpetuate our exchange program traditions.
Go for it.rightboquette-p


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Studies Oriented To the trades of tomorrow
I am concerned !

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