Dora Abidi specializes in the development and implementation of economic development agendas related to trade, value chains, and labor markets.

She worked on several USAID, UN and WB assistance programs in MENA and Asia assessing the business environment and supporting private sector growth and youth employability. She interacted with key national stakeholders to develop solutions and planning to raise private sector competitiveness and employment. She also worked closely with enterprise managers to ascertain their objectives, and then worked assiduously to deliver top-notch technical assistance, often achieving a breakthrough that leads to greater competitiveness and employment expansion. She has worked in industries as diverse as agribusiness, apparel, and electronics, automotive and healthcare.

Her research and academic experience is also focusing on private sector growth where she published international papers studying innovation management in a VUCA environment and taught strategic management and management related courses at the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB).

Dora received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Management and Strategy at the Institute of Advanced Business Studies, Carthage Tunisia (IHEC). She completed
her Ph.D., majoring in Strategic Management at Osaka University.

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