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The Computer Systems Engineering program trains students for a productive career in the computing industry. It focuses on the key principles and techniques underlying the design, evaluation, and application of computer systems.

The curriculum covers the important areas of electronic circuits and systems, digital system design, computer architecture, networks, algorithms, and software systems. Focus is also placed on the design of general purpose computers, networks, and embedded and integrated systems.

The Computer Systems engineering program offers students three specialization tracks during their final year: Systems and Networks (with electives in Network security, Cloud computing, and Parallel and distributed computing), Hardware and embedded systems (with courses in VLSI design, Microprocessor design, and Real-time systems), or Robotics and Control (with courses in Control systems, Robotics, and Computer vision).

Because of their broad training in computer architecture, hardware, and software, computer engineering graduates are a great addition to countless industrial firms, design companies, and innovative ventures. They can pursue further graduate degrees in either area of software or hardware systems.

Our engineering students are also provided with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and in business management, including finance and operations management. They also receive training in the important areas of engineering ethics, technical writing and effective presentations.

Training is delivered over four semesters after a common core program of 2 years shared with other engineering programs. The final 9 months before graduations are spent in a Coop program working on an approved final project at a local or international industrial partner.

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Key Information
date2 years full-time
date2.5 years part-time
calendrierDates and deadlines:
Application Deadline
Full-Time: September 15th 2019
Part-Time: Now open
Course Starts
Full-Time: September 23rd 2019
Part-Time: January 30th 2020

Please note online registration in advance is essential and places are limited. If you wish to attend, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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