Amira’s CV

Amira received her Ph.D in Economics from the University of Paris Saclay, Evry, France, in 2017. She is a full time faculty member at the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) at the South Mediterranean University (SMU) and is an active researcher in the Modelisation Analyse Statistique et Economique Research Unit (MASE) in Tunis. Her research interests are within the field of international trade, environmental economics, economics of innovation and applied econometrics. Specifically, Amira is interested in the use of statistical methods to estimate the decision making process at a micro level and more generally in terms of public policy. Current research projects relate export promotion and quality infrastructure services enhancement of SMEs in Tunisia and corporate social responsibility practices’ promotion in accordance with a multicountry analysis.

Published research

Bouziri, A., & Diaye, M. A. (2014). A Test of Garicano’s Knowledge Model. Economics Bulletin, 34(3), 1448-1455.

Bouziri, A., Ghazzai, H., & Lahmandi-Ayed, R. (2020). International Ecolabel Vs National Labels. Under revision in Environmental Modelling and Assessment.

Bouziri, A., & Pekovic, S. (2014). Being green to become innovative? An empirical analysis among French firms. Economies et sociétés, 48(3).

Pekovic, S., & Bouziri, A. (2020). Overcoming obstacles to innovation: Can environmental management practices help? Under revision in Knowledge Management Research and Practices.

Stanovcic, T., Pekovic, S., & Bouziri, A. (2015). The effect of knowledge management on environmental innovation. Baltic Journal of Management, 10(4), 413.

Work in progress

Recently, Dr Bouziri joined a cooperation project between the Tunisian Ministry of Industry and small and Medium Enterprises (MIPME)[1], the German Metrology Institute (PTB)[2] and the Technical University in Berlin. The objective of the project is to test with randomized controlled trials (RCT) how to stimulate SMEs’ use of quality infrastructure services in order to foster export activity in Tunisia.

She is a member of another cooperation project[3] entitled “Corporate social responsibility practices’ development for a better society: multicountry analysis”. The aim of the project is to promote corporate social responsibility practices and evaluate their adoption’s impact on the stakeholders in the different countries involved (France, Romania, Montenegro and Lebanon).



[3] https://www.auf.or

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