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January 24th, 2019

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To promote academic excellence and provide greater access to quality education for outstanding students who do not afford it, MSB is initiating several academic merit scholarships. A number of diversity scholarships are also being launched to further enhance the cultural and international diversity on the SMU campus.

There are 4 types of scholarships and students who meet the eligibility criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

SMU Scholars

The SMU Scholarship is available to 10 students each year who specifically demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. This scholarship fully covers the cost of the studies (tuition & books). Furthermore, the successful applicant may be able to receive an additional monthly living stipend in return for part-time employment at SMU.

Excellence without distinction

This scholarship rewards excellent students who are in financial need, and covers the cost of the studies for the entire academic year. The scholarship is funded through the active participation of the private sector, SMU, and the student as follows: 1/3 is funded thanks to the sponsorship of an SMU private partner company, 1/3 is covered by SMU, and the remaining 1/3 is covered in return for student employment on the MSB-MedTech Campus.

Diversity Scholarships

This scholarship aims to attract outstanding students from diverse backgrounds. It consists in a 30% tuition waiver on international tuition costs, thereby bringing them in line with local fees.

Dean’s List Award

This scholarship rewards outstanding academic achievement for all students enrolled at SMU and throughout their tenure on campus.

Any student who appears on the Dean’s list for an academic term receives a 30% reduction on the tuition fees for the following term

(for the last term of the Licence, the reduction can be applied to the first semester of the Master program).

Besides merit scholarships, students also have access to interest free loans thanks to the convention signed by the South Mediterranean University with a partner bank.